The American Language Reading Program has been teaching thousands of children to read for the last 50 years.   It started in a Christian school in Denver, Colorado.   Mrs. Guyla Nelson could not find a reading program to teach the children that was phonics based.   She knew that God was a God of order and that our language needed to be taught by using phonics.   She and the kindergarten teacher worked together for years perfecting this program.  The program was called The Little Patriots Series and sold by Mile-Hi Publishers.  Parents all around the country began raving about how well their children were reading when they used the program.   Alpha Omega contacted Mile-Hi Publishers and this program became Alpha Omega’s first Horizon Kindergarten Reading program.    When Alpha Omega was sold, the new owners decided to write their own program since this program was owned by Mile-Hi Publishers.  The program is now called The American Language Series but is the same program.


We do not believe you can find any program that is better and teaches children more effectively than the American Language Series.   Most children are reading at a second or third grade level when they are finished.   Not only are they terrific readers, but they are very good spellers.  Children are reading words within a few days of starting.   As soon as they learn “l” and “o”, they can read the word “loll”.   Each reader covers different vowel combinations.   The first reader only has short-vowel words.   The third reader has words that are long vowel only if they end in “e”.   Seeing the same words in their workbooks and then reading them in their readers, helps them to remember them so much better.   This is why they end up spelling so well.


Reading is the most important thing a child will learn academically.   If they can read, they can learn anything from anyone.  Even math is dependent on a child being able to read the instructions.  We believe this is the very best program available at a very reasonable price.



1113      Math2

Spelling, Writing, & Vocabulary

1177      Spelling2a


Phonics an Reading

1148      Phonics2a


1111     1099      1100      1110 1093      1101


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